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Can I send students feedback by video?
Can I send students feedback by video?

Using YouTube, Vimeo, or Kaltura, instructors can send videos to students with the comment feature

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Go to Analytics and click on any blue box to view the detailed page view.

Analytics page with arrow pointing to checkbox buttons for page view.

Once on the detailed page view, scroll to an open-ended question (response boards, short answers, or writing templates). Then click Add Comment.

Page view of Analytics with arrow pointing to the Add Comment button.

Copy the iframe or URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or Kaltura and paste that into the comment field. Click Save Comment.

Page view of Analytics with comment including a video URL with arrow pointing to the Save Comment button.

After clicking Save, you’ll see the video.

Tip: You can also see if a particular student has seen your comment. Once the comment has been added, you’ll see “Unseen” next to the timestamp. As soon as a student sees the comment, it’ll switch to “Seen.”

Analytics activity history with arrow pointing to the unseen message next to when comment was added.

Students will be notified of your comment, and will be able to see your video comment in line with their work on the page.

Arrow pointing to instructor comment with video under response board question.

For more information on how students see your feedback, check out this article: How do students view comments?

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