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How do TAs get access to the webtext?
How do TAs get access to the webtext?

Providing instructor-level webtext access to teaching assistants

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Can my teaching assistant use the webtext?

Yes! We can provide teaching assistants with free access to the webtext so they can track student activity using the same tools instructors have. We can also send TAs the same weekly reports instructors are receiving—just let us know.

How does my teaching assistant get into the webtext?

  • TAs can be added to the course shell in your LMS with the role of “Teacher’s Assistant.”

  • Once logged in, the TA will navigate to the course page and click the webtext link to gain access (just like instructors and students do).

Webtext intro page with Enter link shown.
  • TAs can access the webtext without paying for a subscription.

What if my school does not have an LMS?

If your school doesn’t have an LMS and you would like your teaching assistant to have instructor-level access to the webtext, contact to get in touch with the Instructor Support Specialist for your course. You and your TAs will need to log in to your webtext each time you want to access it using

Note: We highly recommend connecting our webtext directly with your LMS course shell and assigning it for credit, and we’re happy to help you set that up! Webtext points can be configured to match your syllabus. They are graded and pushed to your LMS grade columns automatically.

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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