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How do I grade speech assignments in Analytics?
How do I grade speech assignments in Analytics?

How to grade speech recordings and how students view their grades

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To grade speech assignments recorded using the Soomo video recorder, follow the steps below.

Locate ungraded assignments

First, access Analytics from the Tools Menu in the upper right-hand corner of your webtext.

Once you are in Analytics, in the left-hand menu you’ll see how many speech recordings need to be graded, as well as which pages they’re on. There will also be an orange exclamation point indicating the location of any ungraded assignments.

In Chapter view, clicking the exclamation point will switch Analytics to Page view. From Page view, click the exclamation point to jump to the page with your selected student’s ungraded recording.

Screenshot of Analytics in Page view showing the page with ungraded assignments

Grade the assignment

To begin grading a student’s speaking assignment, click the View and Grade in Video Recorder button.

The Soomo video recorder will expand, showing you the student’s recordings. From there, select the video you’d like to grade.

Screenshot of the Soomo video recorder showing a video recording to select

The video will start playing and you’ll see the Comments panel on the right, where you can use markers and comments to leave feedback if you’d like.

Click the Clipboard icon in the middle of the video recorder to open the Rubrics tab.

Screenshot of the Soomo video recorder showing the Clipboard icon

Fill out the rubric by reviewing the speech and selecting a rating for each of the criteria. In the bottom left of the Rubrics tab, you’ll see points accumulate as you make your selections.

Screenshot of the Soomo video recorder’s Rubrics tab showing criteria selection and points

Click Post Rubric to complete your evaluation.

Screenshot of the Soomo video recorder’s Rubrics tab showing Post Rubric button

After you’ve clicked Post Rubric, you’ll see the total points awarded at the top right of the video recorder.

Screenshot of the Soomo video recorder showing points awarded

If you click the Back button in the top left of the video recorder, you’ll see the grade in both Analytics and next to the video itself.

Screenshot of Analytics showing a grade in the Page Detail screen and in the video recorder

How students view their grades

Students will receive a notification in the upper right corner of their webtext letting them know their speech has been graded.

Screenshot of the webtext with the expanded Notifications panel showing a new notification

Students will then be able to see their grade in three places. In the webtext, students can see their grade at the top of the assignment page.

Screenshot of a webtext page showing a grade in the progress indicators section at the top

Their grade will also be posted in the video recorder and directly below it.

Screenshot of a webtext page showing grades within and beneath the video recorder

Students can also view their grade on the assignment page in My Progress.

Screenshot of a Page Detail page in My Progress showing a grade

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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