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How do I import my Soomo test bank into Canvas New Quizzes?
How do I import my Soomo test bank into Canvas New Quizzes?
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To get started importing your Soomo test bank into Canvas, follow the steps below. If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact our Instructor Support team at

Please note, prior to these steps you should unzip the test bank file delivered to you by Soomo.

1. Find your Canvas course Item Bank page

First, log in to your Canvas account and navigate to the course you’d like to import the test bank into. Then click the Item Banks button in the left-hand menu in the Canvas course.

A Canvas course page with an arrow pointing to the Item Banks option in the left menu

Select the item bank you’d like to add the questions to, or create a new bank by clicking + Bank. Enter a name for the bank and click Create Bank, then select the bank you’ve just created.

The Canvas Banks page with an arrow pointing to the + Bank button in the upper right

2. Import your test bank

Now that you’ve created an item bank, click the Import Content item in the context menu in the upper right of the screen.

An item bank in Canvas highlighting the drop-down menu and its Import Content option in the upper right of the page

Drag and drop your test bank file into the Import Content dialogue or click the Browse button to find the file on your device. When you’ve selected the Soomo test bank file you’d like to upload to this item bank, click Import.

The Import Content dialogue showing the Browse and Import buttons

When the import process is complete, you will see the questions in the item bank you created.

That’s it! The questions in this item bank can now be used to create New Quizzes in Canvas.

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–9 p.m. ET
Saturday–Sunday 1 p.m.–9 p.m. ET

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