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How do I add or change my webtext’s due dates for just one student?
How do I add or change my webtext’s due dates for just one student?
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Soomo’s due date manager lets you add due dates directly to the webtext for your class. It also lets you customize those due dates for individual students.

For example, if you want to grant one student an extension due to personal circumstances, you can change a chapter’s due date for just that student.

To access the due date manager, open the Tools Menu in the upper right corner of your webtext and select Manage Due Dates.

Webtext Tools Menu with the Manage Due Dates option highlighted

To change a due date for a particular student, go to the “Student exceptions” tab within the due date manager. Next, search for the student, select their name from the drop-down, and click “Add.”

Student Exceptions tab in the due date manager showing a student’s name in the drop-down menu and an arrow to the Add button

From there, you can adjust the due dates or grace periods for any chapter. When you’re done, click “Save.”

Student exceptions tab for one student showing their updated due dates with an arrow to the Save button

After you make and save your desired changes, you’ll see the student’s exceptions in your chapter list, alongside the course due dates.

Due date manager highlighting a student's exception row in the chapter list

When you change a due date, the student’s work will automatically be rescored based on the new date. If your webtext is integrated with an LMS, the student’s updated scores will automatically be redelivered to the grade center.

Students are notified whenever you change due dates or grace periods.

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