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How do students enter their passkey during a trial subscription?
How do students enter their passkey during a trial subscription?
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Some schools allow students to access the first 3 chapters of their webtext for 3 weeks. We call this a trial. With the trial, students who are waiting on financial aid or other funding can start working in the webtext right away and avoid falling behind.

Once a student has purchased a passkey for their webtext, they will need to convert their trial into a full-access subscription so they can access the rest of the webtext.

To enter the passkey while in the trial period, students will click “Complete your purchase” in the banner at the top of their webtext.

Green banner at top of webtext page reading “Your trial access to the first 3 chapters expires in 2 days. Complete your purchase.”

From there, students will be prompted to enter their passkey.

“Activate your account” page with passkey button

A passkey is a 13-digit code that starts with WT.

Key icon next to sample passkey WTYZABCDEFG12

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