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How does webtext scoring work?
How does webtext scoring work?

A guide to how webtext scores sync to your school’s LMS

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How does score delivery work?

The work students do in the webtext—such as answering multiple-choice, short-answer, and poll questions; response boards; and writing templates—is graded automatically as they complete it. When students want to view their scores, they can check the grade center in their LMS. Scores will reflect the most recent attempt and are cumulative.

Note: If you have not already integrated the webtext into your LMS course shell, please do! We highly recommend connecting our webtext directly with your LMS course shell and assigning it for credit, and we’re happy to help you set that up. Webtext points can be configured to match your syllabus. They are graded and pushed to your LMS grade columns automatically.

What happens if students reset answers?

Students do not get credit for incorrect responses to multiple-choice questions, but in most webtexts, students can reset their answers. Upon resetting, all of the multiple-choice questions the student has answered on that page will refresh, and the student’s score for those questions will return to zero. Students can answer again until they get all of the questions correct.

Arrow pointing to the reset button at the bottom of the page.

How are questions automatically scored by the webtext?

The types of questions, as well as how many points are awarded, can vary per webtext. The following webtext assignments can be automatically scored.

Points awarded for correct answers only:

  • multiple-choice questions

Points awarded for completion:

  • response boards

  • short-answer questions

  • polls

  • question sets

  • writing templates

What if you or your students don’t see what is expected?

Students should first check the progress indicators in the webtext. If you or your students see something in the grade center that isn’t expected, please contact Soomo Support.

Tip: Remember that it may take up to ten minutes for webtext scores to appear in the LMS grade center.

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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