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How do I unpost a question for students in Analytics?
How do I unpost a question for students in Analytics?

Unpost responses to open-ended questions

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If you are reviewing students’ open-ended responses and see a wrong or incomplete response, you can unpost it and let the student know to try again.

1. Access Analytics

First, access Analytics. Find the student’s name (you can use the search bar at the top) and then click on the blue box for the page containing the question that you want to unpost.

Analytics grid showing student’s name typed into search bar and an arrow pointing to a page.

2. Unpost the student’s responses

From the page detail view, you can unpost response-board and short-answer responses and leave comments to provide additional feedback for the student.

Page detail view showing student’s answers with an arrow to the Unpost button beneath a response board question.
  • When you unpost a student’s response, it reverts to a draft, and the student is notified.

  • The student will lose credit for completing the question until they post a new response.

  • Be sure to add a comment letting the student know why you unposted their response and what they can do to improve it.

Tip: Click “View all responses” to unpost more than one response at the same time.

How students view your feedback

When you unpost student work, the student will receive a notification in the upper right corner of their webtext.

Webtext page with an arrow to the Notifications tab and the Notifications panel expanded.

Students also receive emails when they have new notifications.

For more information on how students view comments, visit this Help Center article.

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