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How do students change their answers?
How do students change their answers?

How students reset or revise their work in the webtext

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Open-ended questions

Students can edit their work in short-answer questions and response boards. After they post a response, they will see the Unpost & Edit button, which will allow them to revise their answer.

A completed response-board question with an arrow to the Unpost & Edit button

When they unpost their response, their score will temporarily drop until a new one is posted.

For more information on how students complete and revise their work in writing templates, visit our article: How do students use writing templates to complete assignments?

Multiple-choice questions

Depending on your course’s settings, students may be able to reset their responses to multiple-choice questions.

For some courses, there is a reset button at the bottom of the page. When a student clicks this button, their responses for all of the multiple-choice questions on that page will be reset.

The bottom of a webtext page with an arrow pointing to the “Reset all multiple-choice questions on this page” button

Some multiple-choice questions may also be reset individually. This Help Center article has more information about how students reset individual questions.

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