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How do students reset individual questions?

Question pools provide support for student single-question resetting.

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When students answer a multiple-choice question incorrectly, they get feedback about why their answer is wrong. For most questions, students can then try again with a different question that assesses the same learning objective.

How it works

Designed as formative assessment, the multiple-choice questions embedded in the webtext allow students to check their understanding of the concepts presented. Aligned with the summative assessments included in our test bank, these questions support students in the learning process and help prepare them for your in-class activities and summative assessments.


The question presented to each student is randomized from a pool of questions and each time they reset, students will receive a different item. For most questions, students can reset until they get the correct answer. Chapter quizzes are designed to be more challenging and limit students to two attempts.

To reset, students simply click the Try Again button in the lower right corner of the question.

Screenshot of a multiple-choice question incorrectly answered with an arrow to Try Again in the lower right corner

When a student resets, the initial question submission will be cleared and a new question will appear for the student to answer.

Screenshot of a new multiple-choice question

Students earn points for correctly answering the multiple-choice questions in each chapter, so it may help to encourage them to reset until they get the answer right. For more information on how webtext scoring works, check out this Help Center article.

Review questions in a pool

As an instructor, you can review all of the questions in a pool. In the bottom right corner of the question, you'll see how many questions are available in the pool, as well as arrow buttons that allow you to review them. Note that only instructors can view all of the questions available in a pool.

Screenshot of a multiple-choice question with an arrow pointing to Browse items in this pool in the lower right corner

Watch video tutorial

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