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How can I showcase exceptional response boards using Analytics?
How can I showcase exceptional response boards using Analytics?

Use our built-in webtext tools to highlight student work

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In addition to resetting multiple-choice questions, unposting open-ended responses, and adding comments to open-ended responses and writing template prompts, you can pin response boards to provide examples of excellent work to all your students.

The pinned response will appear at the top of the list that students see after they submit their own answer. Plus, students with pinned responses receive a notification letting them know you’ve spotlighted their work!

How to pin responses

1. Go to Analytics and select a page

First, access Analytics. Then click on the blue box corresponding to a page that has a response board.

Analytics grid

After clicking on the blue box, you will see a detailed view of the student’s work on that page.

2. Review all student responses

From the page detail view, select “View all responses” to see the full list of answers from your class.

Response board in analytics

3. Pin the best responses

Click the pin icon beside the post(s) you want to spotlight. You can pin more than one!

Pinned response in Analytics

How students view pinned responses

After they post their own response, students will see a list of class answers. The pinned responses will be at the top.

Student view of two pinned responses below a response-board question

How students are notified about pinned work

When you pin a student’s response, the student will receive a notification in the upper right corner of their webtext.

Students also receive emails when they have new notifications.

Notifications panel in upper right corner of webtext

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