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How does the webtext help encourage the integrity of student work?
How does the webtext help encourage the integrity of student work?

How we prevent students from submitting egregious answers to open-ended short answer and response board questions

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Some webtexts contain open-ended questions, which automatically award students full credit for completion. We’ve implemented a safety net for these question types to encourage better and more robust student work. Where applicable, your students may be prompted to revise their responses before they can submit them for credit. Here’s how it works.

Potential warnings

Responses will be flagged if they:

  • contain a high number of unrecognized words (e.g., “alksjdkflasd”)

  • are too repetitive (e.g., “blah blah blah”)

  • are too short or too long (requirements vary by question)

If a student’s response doesn’t meet the requirements, they will see a warning message explaining what they need to fix in order to submit their response. The student will not be able to post the response until it meets the minimum requirements.

Below are examples of how the webtext flags these types of responses.

Unrecognized words

Because misspelled words and proper nouns may not be recognized by our checks, student responses have to include an unusually high number of unrecognized words to trigger the validation response. (Misspelled words may still be flagged with red underlining, depending on the student’s browser settings.) This validation process is intended to catch the most egregious cases of gibberish.

A sample Response Board question with a gibberish response.

Too short

A sample Response Board question with a response that is too short.

Once the student’s response meets the requirements, they will be able to submit their work by clicking Post.

A sample Response Board question with an acceptable response.

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