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How do I use a Gradebook Points report?
How do I use a Gradebook Points report?

Using the Gradebook Points report to review the points students have earned in the webtext

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The Gradebook Points report shows the points students have earned based on your course’s grading profile. The grading profile is set up when you configure the webtext for your course and lets you designate how many points the webtext will be worth. (If you’d like to create a grading profile for your course, please reach out to

For courses with an LMS integration, these points match the data in the LMS gradebook. If a course does not have an LMS integration in place, you can manually enter the data from the Gradebook Points report into your LMS gradebook.

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Generating the report

1) Access Analytics through the Tools Menu in the webtext.

2) From the Generate Report menu in the upper-right corner of the page, select Gradebook Points.

Arrow pointing to the Generate Report menu in Analytics with the Gradebook Points option highlighted.

3) Click Generate Report in the dialog box to start processing the report. The dialog box will show you the estimated time it will take for the report to run. Reports for courses with higher enrollment will take longer to process.

Gradebook Points report generation dialog with the Generate Report button highlighted.

4) When the report is ready, we will send a download link to the email address for your account. From the email, click the Download My Report button to save it as a CSV file. (You can open and edit the file using a spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Sheets.)

Gradebook Points report email with an arrow pointing to the Download my report button.

Reading the report

The Gradebook Points report lists each student in your course and the points they’ve earned per gradebook item.

The report also includes a Section Averages row, which shows the average number of points earned by the entire class for each webtext gradebook item.

Example report

This is how the report looks when viewed in a spreadsheet application like Excel.

Gradebook Points report in CSV format showing the Section Averages and Student Names in Column A and points earned in Columns B through D.

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